"I was extremely impressed with Tom Bishel's CD, Welcome Back, on all fronts: recording, production, songwriting and performance. Tom is a sophisticated songwriter with an excellent voice who's also a killer guitarist. His style reminded me of Crowded House, Todd Rundgren, The Rembrandts and Squeeze."
     Fett, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"I recently checked out a show of Tom's at Highland Grounds, and he and his band really rocked!"
     David Bash, organizer of IPO Music Festival(International Pop Overthrow music festival)

"His musicality, his presence, and his songs all bear the mark of threshhold greatness. He's real, and I believe everything he sings."
     Arthur Hamilton, Award winning composer, best known for writing "Cry Me a River".

"When he wants you to rock, Tom Bishel can get your toes tapping with catchy grooves and creative arrangements, when he wants to conjure up images of longing and heartbreak, he can touch your soul with a delicate turn of phrase and a voice that is at once unique and warmly familiar..."
     Robert Pucci, Screenwriter/Songwriter/Musician

"Lots of my friends are musicians. I'm not, but I know what I like. I put on his CD and I'm
listening to it in the car, and I'm thinking, yeah, I love this."
     Rose Villasenor, music lover

"Tom Bishel has a gift for ear grabbing melodies that is very special and unique. His upbeat tunes are a rollercoaster ride of unexpected turns in chord changes and arrangement that I can only call pure ear candy. His ballads touch the heart without being maudlin, always inventive. I respect Tom's songwriting craft and as a music fan I appreciate the direction he's taking which is challenging and ultimately much more rewarding."
     Steve Bonino, bassist/vocalist with "The Trip" and "Desperado"

     Faith the Cat